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Sivagame Metal Sdn.Bhd was established in early 1990’s as an independent , privately held scrap metal recycler. It was incorporated during the year 16 th february 2000 with a fully paid up capital of RM 1,000,000.00. SMSB has become one of the most energetic and innovative in the scrap metal industry. Its reputation for professionalism and exemplary service has led to long – term relationship with most of the Malaysian and international companies. Since its inception, SMSB has made a commitment to building trust and establishing long – term relationships, which in turn has helped bring additional business opportunities to our customers. We understand that the services provided to them are productive, efficient ,effective and reliable.

Yet one another area that is often over looked is environmental compliance. Recycle scrap metals generated from the manufacturing process are obsolute inventories. In addition to our industrial customer base we assist our customers in the developement and maintenance of comprehensive recycling programs. After processing scrap material is marketed for sale to mills, foundries, and specialty customers. We believe SMSB has raised the standard of quality and professionalism in our industry. creating innovative business solution for our customer has been our standard.